Episode 9

Habito – building a new fintech


6 February 2020

46 mins 4 secs

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Habito is an online mortgage provider, and doing what good fintech companies do well: using technology to make people’s life easier. In this episode of Fintech Legal, we talk to Rohan Paramesh, GC at Habito, about the challenges and opportunities of working in a fintech, how to be customer-centric, how to give non-cash buyers the advantages of being cash buyers, how to blend the best of humans and technology, and the process of taking a new product from drawing board to live offering.

Rohan Paramesh
General Counsel

Mark Sherwood-Edwards
Clearview Legal
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Habito Go (https://www.habito.com/go) and Habito Plus (https://www.habito.com/plus)

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