Episode 7

Blockchain regulation, Libra, CBDC, geopolitics, digital assets and use cases!


25 November 2019

51 mins 39 secs

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In this episode of Fintech Legal we talk to Daniel Gabriel, Accenture Legal Director and Global Regulatory Lead for Finance, Blockchain and BPO, and owner of one of the most interesting jobs around: figuring out regulatory solutions that enable Accenture’s customers to achieve their business objectives. In this wide-ranging discussion we talk about Blockchain regulation, Libra, CBDC, geopolitics, digital assets, use cases and – critically – how to keep on top of the reading.

Guest: Daniel Gabriel, Accenture
Accenture Legal Director: Finance, Blockchain and BPO Global Regulatory Lead

Host: Mark Sherwood-Edwards, Clearview Legal.
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Material referred to:
FCA Guidance on Cryptoassets
Feedback and Final Guidance to CP 19/3
Policy Statement PS19/22
July 2019

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