Episode 2

The Digitisation of Documents and Smart Contracts with Akber Datoo


17 July 2019

51 mins 31 secs

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Episode 2 – The Digitisation of Documents and Smart Contracts with Akber Datoo, Managing Partner of D2 Legal Technology, www.d2legaltech.com.

About this episode:
A fascinating interview with Akber Datoo, one of the pioneers of the digitisation of documents and smart contracts. Akber started off with a computer science degree, and was soon building trading desks for investment banks. He then requalified as a lawyer, and became a derivatives lawyer for Allen & Overy. He then left to set up his own company, D2 Legal Technology, which helps banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions move their legal function from dealing with unstructured data to structured data. In the podcast, Akber explains what the move looks like, the benefits it brings, the impact it has on – and the opportunities it brings for – legal departments. The discussion concludes with a look at smart contracts and how they are likely to evolve.

Guest: Akber Datoo, D2 Legal Technology
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Host: Mark Sherwood-Edwards, Clearview.
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