Episode 1

P2P Lending with Jon Segal


29 June 2019

32 mins 43 secs

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Episode 1 – P2P Lending with Jon Segal.

About this episode:
What are the differences between crowdfunding and P2P lending? What is the origin of the regulation and how is it applied? What legal constructs are used to establish a P2P lending framework? And what are the FCA proposals for changes to P2P regulation?

Guest: Jon Segal, Head of FinTech and AltFi, Fox Williams
Email: jsegal@foxwilliams.com

Host: Mark Sherwood-Edwards, Clearview.
Email: mse@theclearview.co.uk
Telephone: 07748 761972

Material referred to:
Loan-based (‘peer-to-peer’) and investment-based crowdfunding platforms: Feedback on our post-implementation review and proposed changes to the regulatory framework, FCA, July 2018. https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/consultation/cp18-20.pdf

Subsequent to podcast the FCA implemented a number of the rules discussed. See:

PS19/14: Loan-based (‘peer-to-peer’) and investment-based crowdfunding platforms: Feedback to CP18/20 and final rules, FCA, June 2019. https://www.fca.org.uk/publications/policy-statements/ps19-14-loan-based-peer-to-peer-investment-based-crowdfunding-platforms-feedback-final-rules


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